4 Essential Characteristics

The folks in our community came together around four essential characteristics, and we work to maintain them in our day to day life as well as in all our long-range planning.  These characteristics are:

- Engagement with a Diversity of People: Diversity allows us to create visions of the world and strategies for change that better reflect the needs of all of us, and that better reflect our collective wisdom for how to address these needs. We are creating communities that are accessible and meaningful to a broad range of people.

- Ongoing Personal Growth and Dialogue: We recognize that the effectiveness of our collective movement is only as effective as the individuals themselves. For change to occur on a larger scale, each person must first uncover their true self by understanding their past experiences and personal barriers. From self-knowledge, people can make conscious choices, develop a practice of positive change, and work through historical barriers to build partnerships and healthier communities.

- Aligning our Lives with our Beliefs (or Means-to-Ends Consistency): Much of the violence and destruction in the world today arises not from malice, but from people being invested in the current systems and contrubuting to them in small ways that add up and five the systems power. We’re committed to helping people within these communities weave integrity into the many acts of everyday life continuing our commitment to green building; eating local, fair trade, organic and cruelty-free foods; being in partnership with indigenous people; exploring alternative financial models; and more.

- Bridging Transformation in the Community to Transformation in the World: This community is not a place where we retreat from the world, but one that allows us to more powerfully step in to the world. And in the traditions of the tipping point, the butterfly effect, emergence, and field theory, we never know at what point the number of people affected or the quality of deeply rooted transformation will cause massive shifts on a larger scale.

For more on the four essential characteristics, check out our vision.