About Us

In the spring of 2008, a group of people from Beacon, Newburgh, and New York City began working with Common Fire to create a community in the Hudson Valley that could be in service to these three cities.

Our goal is to create a community committed to ongoing personal growth, means-to-ends consistency, genuine border-crossing diversity, and active service with our larger community, region, and world. It will feature affordable green housing, a retreat center, and many other on-site services and facilities.

Many of us wanted to start living our dream on a small scale even as we continued to work towards this larger dream. So we formed the Beacon Community where we began practicing community together in the fall of 2010.

Common Fire Beacon/Newburgh and the Beacon Community are projects of the Common Fire Foundation. Common Fire supports the creation of intentional communities where people lead lives that are just, sustainable, and joyful, and where the communities are catalysts for change in the broader society.